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Yearbook Purchase Reminder...


Attention Seniors! Friday marks the end of our back-to-school sale for yearbooks. They are at their lowest price of $65. You DO NOT have to pay in full right now. You can simply pay a portion of it and lock yourself in to the $65 price while paying for the book over the course of three payments.

Books will be $85 at the end of the year, so DO NOT miss out on this opportunity to secure your book for this price.

Also, senior quotes for the yearbook are due by October 17th. Each quote is one dollar, and it must be written down and given to Mr. Langham for approval. Our theme this year is "Leaving a Mark/ SOARing Through Time," and I believe it's going to be an incredible book.

Don't miss out! - Mr. Langham

Click here to purchase a yearbook

Purchase a yearbook or an AD online

It's that time of year again!  Josten makes it easy to purchase your yearbook or ad for the yearbook online.  Follow the links below: 


Click HERE to go to the Josten's website to purchase a yearbook online.  Purchases may also be made in person through Mr. Langham. 


Want to buy an AD or a Recognition Advertisement for the yearbook?  Click HERE to make purchase.


Purchasing Information

If you have any questions about the yearbook or how to buy one, contact Mr. Langham at 850-941-6150 Ext.285 or at