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Shannon Gehrke Locker
The Scientific Method
Do you recall these steps?
Ask your scholar........
  • To recall and recite the steps of the scientific method.
  • To identify safe and unsafe lab practices.
  • To explain the difference between an observation and an inference.

Shannon Gehrke


The Science of Life
The Science of Life
Weekly Agenda
Bio Word Wall
Bio Word Wall
Lab Safety

What's wrong with this picture?

The Power of Observation
The Power of Observation
Parents and Students.....

 Lab investigations and a frog dissection are an integral part of this course.  In order for students to participate in these enriching learning activities, it's required that each student return their signed lab safety contracts that were sent home the first week of school.  Additionally, alternative assignments or virtual dissections are available for any student who wishes to opt out of the frog dissection for any reason.  In order to cover the cost of lab supplies and preserved specimens, lab donations are always accepted and greatly appreciated.