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Year 1 Certifications

In this first year of the Robotics Academy, students will begin working on the RECF Pre-Engineering and Robotics Certifications.  These certifications requires passing 3 and 4 different tests, respectively, and in this first year, the students will be working towards passing only the first test towards earning a certification, the Fundamentals of Engineering test.  This test is required for both certifications, so success in the course requires passing this test.  

Foundations of Robotics

VEX Clawbot
VEX Clawbot

Course Description

In this first year of the Robotics Academy, students will learn the basics of the field of robotics, including introductions into programming, controlling, designing, and building robots.  The students will also develop an understanding of the engineering process and be challenged to work through several different problems logically and creatively. 

VEX Clawbot

The VEX Clawbot kit is what the students will be using throughout their time in this academy as a reference guide to different aspects of the field of robotics, as well as a tool to practice building, programming, and controlling robots.  As they progress, they'll be asked to add to the design, modify it, or simply build something new from scratch as they learn about switches, sensors, and other communication devices and the list of materials they are allowed access to grows.