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You can request access to your child's google classroom by sending me an email and I will send you the access code.

power standards

Culinary Arts 2

08.0-Exhibit ability to follow state mandated guidelines for food service.

09.0-Identify/perform front-of-the-house and back of the house duties.

11.0-Prepare and present food and beverage items to meet creativity aspects as well as quality standards

10.0-Apply principles of food science in cooking and baking techniques.

Culinary Arts 3

 14.0  - Research college and career advancement opportunities in professional cooking and baking.

17.0 -Apply scientific principles in cooking and baking.

18.0– Identify and exhibit management skills.

19. Comply with laws and regulations specific to food service.

 Culinary Arts 4

34.0 – Prepare nutritious food for individuals with special needs.

37.0-Demonstrate advanced preparation skills for baking and pastry.

38.0-Apply the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully cater an event.

43.0-Demonstrate advanced prep skills for various proteins.

28.0 – Describe the requirements to be a successful entrepreneur and small business owner in the hospitality industry.

47.0-Develop and implement a capstone project.

Christina McCants

About Me

Hi, I'm Ms. Christina McCants and I have been teaching at Pine Forest since 2015. I teach Culinary Arts 2, 3, & 4 and I love it! I truly enjoy watching my students grow their culinary skills and I am passionate about making sure my students leave my class with an industry certification! I have a bachelors degree in Hospitality management and graduated with a masters degree in Secondary Education Curriculum and Instruction in 2019. I have loved to cook and bake my entire life and I am always looking for new recipes to try with my students. I taught cake decorating and art before coming to Pine Forest. In my free time I enjoy exercising, traveling and trying new foods! 

Industry certifications 

Students have the opportunity to earn the Servsafe and NRFSP certifications. These certifications are respected certifications in the food service industry. Students with these certifications will have an advantage when entering the workforce after high school. 

Flight deck cafe 

Culinary 3 and 4 students have the opportunity to work in the Flight Deck Cafe. Students will learn skills in mass food production, customer service, money handling, teamwork, time management, and have the opportunity to use their industry certification knowledge. 

Class Schedule

1st Period - Culinary 2 Remote

2nd Period - Culinary 3 

3rd Period - Culinary 3/4 Remote

4th Period - Culinary 3/4 

5th Period - Culinary 2 Remote 

6th Period - Culinary 2 

7th Period - Planning